Just for Fun Test 2

*This is a general knowledge test for different areas of the HVACR Field*

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1. What is the capacity of a diaphragm non-expansion tank with 42gals system capacity,200F Max operating Temp,12 psig cold fill pressure,and system operating pressure of 25 psig?
A. 5 gallons
B. 10 gallons
C. 8.26 gallons

2.  What is the correct formula for supply air CFM?
A. Btuh / 1.08 x Delta T
B. Room Sensible Heat / 1.08 x (Temp of the room - Temp of Supply air)
C. Room Latent Heat / .68 x (Room moisture content - Supply air moisture content)
D. All of the above

3. Using your Acca Manual J what are the normal HDD for Indianapolis, IN below 65F?
A. 2500
B. 3000
C. 5630
D. 5580

4. Using your Acca Manual J how many inches of Loose Fill Machine-Blown Cellulose is required for an R30?
A. 20"
B. 25"
C. 8.5"
D. 12"

5. Using your Acca Manual J what is the HTM for a Hardwood Floor with no insulation with a TD of 60F?
A. 18.7
B. 12.0
C. 20.0
D. 6.0

6. The equivalent feet of pipe for a 1 1/4" 90 degree long radius elbow is?
A. 2.6
B. 3.0
C. 2.3
D. 5.0

7. What type of steam trap may be used on any equipment when the pressure drop at the trap outlet does not 25% of the inlet pressure?
A. Upright Bucket
B. Impulse Trap
C. Inverted Bucket
D. None of the above

8. If you had a 50 ton R-22 system that measured 50', what size suction line would you use as per the Carrier System 3 Design Manual?
A. 2 1/8"
B. 3"
C. 4"
D. 1 5/8"

9. Flexible, Spiral Wire Helix Core Duct @ 6" size with a Friction Loss of .08 is good for how much CFM  per 100 feet?
A. 40 CFM
B. 75 CFM
C. 100 CFM
D. 110 CFM

10. The effective length of a duct is calculated how?
A. Measuring the duct
B. Taking it off of the plans
C. Measuring the effective length plus adding all fitting equivalent lengths for the total effective length
D. Don't Know

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